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Our tents are placed along the banks of the Mara River, with a seating area at the front for a relaxed game and bird viewing.

All the tents have hot and cold running water, a flush toilet, 24-hour solar lighting and tasteful décor.

Mara Eden Single Room1 with Logo.jpg

The dining tent is centrally placed, having guest tents on either side. It has a dining area that seats 30 guests and a lounge area with a fully stocked bar. From our adjoining kitchen, we serve a full English breakfast, a 3-course lunch, and a 4-course dinner. Tea and coffee are available throughout the day.

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Mara Eden Single Room1 with Logo.jpg

With our sturdy 4x4 vehicles, experienced guides and drivers, we take you on an adventure of a lifetime, get up close to Africa’s’ big 5 and along the way see a myriad of birds and small mammals from the elusive leopard to the even more elusive and shy civet cat, allow nature to unfold in front of you with predators on the prowl and prey on the run.

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Served in the midst of the wilderness, enjoy a scrumptious meal while watching the birds and the Vervet monkeys frolicking around at the lunch table or enjoy the sounds of the African evening around a warming fire whilst enjoying your meal.

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On those hot stuffy afternoons, jump into our pool and kick back with a drink and enjoy a view like no other of the Mara River.

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Mara Eden Safari Camp is located in the middle of all the action. With the perfect location, brilliant food, and absolute comfort it offers the full experience for any photo enthusiast!


We have a dedicated team of Maasai Guides born and bred in the Maasai Mara, with a wealth of knowledge on wild animal behaviours coupled with their natural ability to spot game miles away and rich knowledge on the flora and fauna.


We will ensure you get that special shot and have memories that will never fade.

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